Sunday, August 8, 2010

The 19th century Torky

Not really a big fan of the Torky. Big fan of the ease of use but I have never been a fan of the Torky containers.

I'm having a hard time fitting any one of the Torky containers in our kitchen. They just don't match with anything. We are probably our self's to blame. We have a lot of antiques and stuff from garage sales and lets face it, nothing really match with that now does it?

To keep myself busy during the summers endless visits to garage sales in the Swedish countryside I started looking for old cookie jars. I ended up finding an old tin cookie jar from 1880 with Swedish kings on it. I asked the guy selling it if I will regret destroying it and he said "No". Hopefully he was right because here is the result.

Bought an brand new Torky with a nice looking tearer that match the color of the tin jar.

The before picture.

I strengthen the old tin jar with a copper sheet and drilled holes for the paper and the wall mount.

The tearer mount.

All done.


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